Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heinlein Prize Trust at the Heinlein Centennial

At the Heinlein Centennial I went to a talk on the Heinlein Prize Trust. The link is to my writeup on the talk. Well, I just ran across a writeup from the Heinlein Prize Trust on their experiences at the Centennial. Their writeup includes a number of interesting photos. The 2 blue-outlined posters were at their talk, and showed students that participated in their Flight into the Future competitions. Buckner Hightower, who represented the Heinlein Prize Trust in this talk, is featured in one of the photos, and Peter Diamandis, winner of the first Heinlein Prize, is featured in 2 others.

Speaking of the Heinlein Prize, in my earlier post from the Centennial in early July I wrote "They expect to award the 2nd Heinlein Prize in the near future. Two or three individuals are under consideration right now." I wonder if we will be hearing about a new winner soon? Space entrepreneurs, you'll have to redouble your efforts so there's no doubt you deserve the next Heinlein Prize!