Saturday, August 04, 2007

Numerous Space Elevator Games Blog Posts

The Space Elevator blog has been posting something on the Space Elevator Games every day for a few days now:

8 degrees spells trouble for Solar power teams - a post that discusses the reduced power levels that solar-power based space elevator game competitors can expect at this year's Utah location compared to last year's New Mexico location because of solar angle and possibly weather. The post also covers other troubles some teams may be having.

A story from last year's Space Elevator Games - which covers LiteWon, a high school Beam Power team that came in second place last year. Here's the story, and here's a version with more (and bigger) pictures.

The Canadians are Coming! The Canadians are Coming! - a post on the Canadian Space Elevator Games teams. Here's a recent post on these teams.

Note to other teams - wanna buy some equipment? - where the USST Space Design Team puts some Beam Power equipment up for sale.

LaserMotive issues blogging challenge - where competitor LaserMotive urges the other Space Elevator teams to post more news/blog articles. Of course the teams don't want to give away their secrets, and they're probably very busy, but on the other hand having an active multimedia public discussion does help to build a community of interest in the games, which in turn makes it more likely for all of the teams to get sponsors and other help (and more fun for all involved). The teams are competing with each other, but they're also competing against the possibility that noone wins the prize, so to a point it does make sense, to a point, for the competing teams to work together in areas like news posts.