Monday, August 27, 2007

Several Automotive X PRIZE Articles

The X PRIZE Foundation news ticker has been pointing out a lot of articles on the Automotive X PRIZE. I haven't kept track; I may have run across some on my own, too.

Calling Inventors to Create a Gasless Car - Opinion article in by the President of the Heritage Foundation - urges inventors to improve on the automobile engine. It also suggests that private foundations offer a prize like the Ansari X PRIZE to create an alternative fuel car. That's not an exact description of the Automotive X PRIZE, which is looking for fuel efficiency, but you can see why they pointed out this article.

The summary quote: "Lawmakers have failed to solve our oil problems because they've tried to pick winners. Only the market can do that successfully. We need to set up a reward and then get out of the way." For a second I thought he was talking about the Space Access problem ...

Milwaukee-Based Valentin Technologies, Inc. Announces Intent to Compete in Multimillion Dollar Competition for 100 MPGe Vehicle - This is a press release from Valentin Technologies.

Ale: Another X PRIZE Entrant - from Edmunds Inside Line. The car pictures are pretty cool.