Monday, September 03, 2007

Space Elevator Games Updates

The Space Elevator blog has a number of recent posts related to the upcoming Space Elevator Games:

Planning for the 2008 Space Elevator Games? - links a couple of videos on a demo space elevator ribbon climber, apparently at a camp

Yet another LaserMotive Team Member is Introduced - This LaserMotive post describes about an engineer on their team with a lot of deadlines approaching. An earlier LaserMotive post mentions a NASA Space Elevator Games press release, as well as the Space Elevator Blog.

Venues for the 2007 Space Elevator Games - shows some pictures of the competition site, and shows how to see more in Google Earth.

Seven more weeks ... - counts down with some anticipation to the challenge date.

By the way, one of the Space Elevator Games challenges is the Beam Power competition. It would seem that would be an important technology for Solar Power Satellites, too. Maybe the DoD could add another Beam Power challenge to the Space Elevator Games to push along their SPS interest (as well as other, more short term, interests in beamed power)?