Monday, September 03, 2007

Wearable Power Prize Information Forum and More

From the Department of Defense Research & Engineering web site, I noticed a page about an Information Forum for the Wearable Power Prize. The Forum is on Friday, Sept 21, in D.C. (see the link above for the full details). As with most such prize competitions, they're not looking for just the traditional big defense contractors - they want to see these, plus other businesses, inventors, academic representatives, and so on.

Registration for the competition is from October 8 to November 30.

I've already seen news about one potential competitor. In this press release, fuel cell vendor Neah Power Systems announces its intention to compete.

Ideas-to-Action posts on the Wearable Power Prize, and how businesses could use a similar model to encourage the innovations they need in other ways than traditional in-house R&D projects.

War is Boring offers a summary of the prize, as well as a brief discussion of similar efforts.