Thursday, October 11, 2007

First International Genomics X PRIZE Competitor Registered

The X PRIZE Foundation recently announced the first non-U.S. competitor in the international Genomics X PRIZE competition. The competitor, from the United Kingdom, is Base4innovation:

With the support from the University of Warwick and Warwick Ventures, base4innovation is developing a new high-speed, low-cost method of DNA sequencing which combines well-known techniques such as photon detection and fluorescent labeling with nanostructures and cutting edge methods of nanofabrication. The team consists of physicists and biologists from Oxford, Cambridge and the University of Warwick. Cameron Frayling, team leader and base4innovation founder, is a researcher at the University of Warwick and the inventor of the innovative method behind this sequencing technology.

The X PRIZE Foundation news ticker also provides the following link, but it looks like you need to have a login at GenomeWeb Daily News: UK Sequencing Startup Becomes First International Competitor for Archon X Prize for Genomics.