Monday, October 15, 2007

More on Prize Philanthropy

RLV News and Transterrestrial Musings post on an analysis of a speech on prizes and charity. The analysis addresses some prizes covered here like the Google Lunar X PRIZE for a private lunar rover and the Methuselah Mouse anti-aging prize. The comments section is also revealing. One of the links in the comments section refers to an article in The Chronicles of Philanthropy analysing the recent prize article by Peter Diamandis.

The actual speech is about 50 minutes, and compares the pros and cons of prizes and grants from an economic perspective. You can find a lot more of this type of analysis (but sometimes not in such an easily-digested format) in the Papers section of this blog (and of course in the references that these papers use) on the right.

For more on this subject, follow the links in my recent post about Prize Philanthropy.