Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Space Elevator Games Start

The Space Elevator Reference has arrived at the games and has started posting - with some nice pictures. The post I linked is on the first day of qualification runs and setups. Check the main page - I'm sure there will be more posts as the games progress.

I'm not even going to try to keep up with the Space Elevator Blog for now - it's up to post 13 at the games already. Just go to the main page, which I linked, and you'll find the latest. I'll try to set up links to the individual posts for easy searching 6 months down the road later.

Update (Tues, Oct 16 evening): Now the Space Elevator Blog is up to post 19, and the Space Elevator Reference is also posting. Check them out for countless videos, pictures, and updates. The main news today is that weather is becoming a factor in the prelude to the games, and may be a factor in the games themselves.

The Space Elevator Reference is now linked on the right of this blog in the Space Elevator Games section.

The SpaceWard site also is linking the Space Elevator Blog and Space Elevator Reference prominently, so that may be your best one stop shop. However, there seems to be something wrong - at the moment - with the "Up-to-the-minute Blog" link there. I imagine it will probably get fixed soon.

The site also announces a presentation about the space elevator by Ben Shelef in the (Salt Lake City?) Main City Library.

The USST Team has a brief post about their trip. Their main page also has a photo of their recent trip - showing a serious convoy of several big vehicles in the rolling hills and big sky of Montana.

One of the Snowstar members posts about the trip and subsequent setup work in Snowstarring, Part 1. Pictures are expected on the site later.

Ever-active poster LaserMotive has a welcome and a brief note about preparations they're doing now in Utah.