Friday, November 02, 2007

National Space Society Downlink Email

The National Space Society periodically sends out news updates in an email collection called NSS Downlink. Today's version, Issue #81, has a lot of prize-related content. The prize-related topics include:

- availability of the NSS 2008 Space Settlement Calendar, which contains space settlement artwork that won a contest. Here's more on the 2007 contest.

- application information for 2008 International Space University scholarships

- a summary of the 2007 Space Elevator Games

- a summary of the 2007 X PRIZE Cup and Lunar Lander Challenge

There are a lot of other space topics, links, and pictures there, but I won't go into any details since they aren't prize-related. Even the ads are interesting.

Check out the NSS site if you're interested in getting the details. Maybe you'll have to get a membership - I'm not sure.