Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Automotive X PRIZE Articles, Past and Present

I already posted on the article here a couple weeks ago, but I didn't know it was the WIRED Science cover story. Now the article is featured in an X PRIZE Foundation news update, and is also featured front and center on the Foundation's main page.

Meanwhile, the X PRIZE Cars site has had so many updates in the couple weeks since I first mentioned it that I won't even give links to the individual posts. Just go to the main page and start reading. Also, be careful to not just read the initial page; a lot of the content is reached when you "Continue reading". For Elon Musk fans, there are a number of references and links to Tesla Motors. There's also an offer to ask the AXP Foundation people or competitor teams questions at the Detroit Auto Show.

Meanwhile, the X PRIZE Foundation news scroller gives a link to an article from the Great Lakes IT Report on the AXP competition and its planned appearance at the Auto Show. There's also a link to an article in the Canyon News on the upcoming official launch of the AXP competition.