Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Far-Ranging Pomerantz Post

William Pomerantz at the X PRIZE Foundation has a new blog post that covers a lot of ground.

I've posted on some of the information before, such as the potential Lunar X PRIZE Team FREDNET, Google Lunar X PRIZE betting, and the Foundation's Google Lunar X PRIZE forum Will mentioned in an earlier post. However, there sure is a lot in the post you haven't seen here, including a link to the recently updated Official Questions and Answers, so check it out.

Will isn't the only one posting at the X PRIZE Foundation; Tom Vander Ark has recent posts here, here, and here. Some of his earlier posts give a lot of hints about where the Foundation is going, but I'm not sure if I picked up the hints this time (maybe because I haven't read the books and articles he mentioned).