Thursday, March 20, 2008

Future X PRIZEs

A few weeks ago I posted about a podcast from last Fall where the X PRIZE Foundation's Tom Vander Ark discussed, among other things, some possible future X PRIZEs.

Cosmic Log has an article that covers the various prizes of the X PRIZE Foundation, including recent comments by Peter Diamandis about where the Foundation is now with those future prizes, and how they are logically organized. The deep sea exploration prize I first heard of in Tom's interview is mentioned again here, which is encouraging. The article also mentions a longevity prize. I wonder if they're talking with the Methuselah Foundation? Woodrow Wilson Smith would be proud.

Aero-News has a review of Peter Diamandis's career, including the various prizes (that he helped organize, and that he won) and space businesses. There's a brief comment here about plans for future X PRIZEs, too. This article is in the context of a speech at the Women in Aviation International Conference.

Since we're on the topic of possible future X PRIZEs, here are more details from an earlier Space Prizes post on one possible future X PRIZE (and maybe part of a line of related prizes).