Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20 Lunar X PRIZE and Lunar Lander Challenge Update

Here's the latest on the Moon-related prizes:

RLV News catches 2 articles on the Google Lunar X PRIZE, one from Cosmic Log that mentions that some of Arthur C. Clarke's hair may be sent to the Moon in a memorial capsule on a GLXP flight, and some thoughts by Jeff Krukin on who the real winners of the GLXP will be, and why, beyond the prize money and spotlight, they'll be winners.

The Space Fellowship has some news from William Pomerantz to any Google Lunar X PRIZE teams that would be considering registering soon and that would be interested in taking part in a big press event.

On the Lunar X PRIZE Teams site, Courtney Stadd of Quantum3 discusses being at the

Arthur C. Clarke Foundation's awards event where Peter Diamandis, cofounder of the X PRIZE Foundation and the Zero-G Corporation, among other ventures, received the Sir Arthur Clarke Innovator's Award.

Also at the Teams site, Deborah Castleman of SCSG tells us about new team members, design decisions, propulsion system engineering tradeoffs, and meetings. This post also mentions a note Arthur C. Clarke wrote praising one of the SCSG team members for pioneering communications satellite work.

For the Lunar Lander Challenge, RLV News has the latest data, and a purple-tinged video, from Unreasonable Rocket.