Saturday, March 22, 2008

More on the Automotive X PRIZE Rollout

X PRIZE Cars is a good place to find out about the Automotive X PRIZE rollout at the New York City auto show. Here's a post from there that links to lots of news articles on the rollout to give a sense of the amount of press coverage. At least one of the linked articles is by a space supporter.

X PRIZE Cars also interviewed a lot of the people at the event. Information for those interviews should be coming later, but already there's information about the X PRIZE Foundation continuing to look for more AXP-related funding. Similar efforts have been working out well for the Google Lunar X PRIZE (e.g.: Space Florida funding $2M for the winner if launched from Florida). Here are photos and podcasts from the event.

Back at the X PRIZE Foundation, William Pomerantz and the Google Lunar X PRIZE folks decide to do a little driving with a rover in honor of the Automotive X PRIZE. If you check the video at the Pomerantz Report, they have some pretty lofty goals, in terms of efficiency and location, for the rover. In the text you'll also see a difficult goal for the robotic rover involving the furry barking type of rover.

Also at the X PRIZE Foundation, here's a news post with videos from the event. Check the X PRIZE Foundation YouTube Channel, because there's already a bunch of other new X PRIZE Foundation videos there related to the AXP.