Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Automotive X PRIZE Blog Videos and AXP Podcasts

Speaking of videos at the X PRIZE Foundation, the Automotive X PRIZE Blog has a bunch:

Videos, videos, videos! - There are a whole bunch here.

Jay Leno on the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE (PAXP) - Unlike the previous post, you won't see YouTube video images in this post, but I assure you that one of the links is to a Jay Leno PAXP promotion video.

You'll also see a lot of podcasts on the Automotive X PRIZE at X PRIZE Cars. For example, the site has been gradually releasing podcast interviews from the PAXP official opening at the NY Auto Show. Several of the interviews - some quite thorough - are with X PRIZE Foundation AXP staff like Neal Anderson, John Shore, and Don Foley. Others are with AXP teams.

I'm sure followers of space prizes will also be interested in how Elon Musk's Tesla is doing. Tesla is featured prominently in a number of recent X PRIZE Cars posts, including one about a lawsuit against Fisker.