Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Videos on Peter Diamandis's Blog

Peter Diamandis's blog got a whole bunch of videos today. Because of time constraints, I'm just going to describe a collection of the videos I think "fits together", at least in today's post. By their titles I suspect I've mentioned YouTube versions of most of the other videos in other posts already. See the Peter Diamandis blog for the whole set.

Attributes of an X PRIZE - Peter talks about some of the attributes of their prizes, including some that might not be obvious like the potential to drive regulatory reform in the prize area, that might be of interest to prize sponsors.

How to Design an X PRIZE - Here he discusses some of the considerations when making an X PRIZE, like making sure it's not too difficult and not to easy, that it's interesting to the public, and that it involves a worthy breakthrough rather than an incremental improvement. You might consider these attributes when submitting an X PRIZE idea on the XPF web site.

What constitutes an X PRIZE? - He discusses more X PRIZE attributes, such that they have to be objective and important (as demonstrated by the $10M prize floor).

How did X PRIZE Grow beyond space? - Peter tells the story of how, after the Ansari X PRIZE win, the X PRIZE Foundation got, or in some cases is getting or plans to get, into other areas like life sciences, exploration in general (including underwater), energy/environment, education, and other areas. The story involves a Google doodle ...

Origin of the X PRIZE Foundation - This is the story of how Peter grew up interested in space, got a gift of the book "The Spirit of St. Louis", and had an idea about applying the idea to space.