Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bad GLXP News Gets Worse

Earlier I posted on some second thoughts that SCSG is having after the Google Lunar X PRIZE Summit. Now they've described more problems and are exiting the competition:

I had a sudden moment of clarity when I realized that even if we could make it through our enormous hurdles of getting a suitable launch vehicle, and even if we could get a sponsor, for the reasons stated here and in my previous blog, I no longer even wanted to win this prize!!

I assume this will result in some soul-searching on the part of the X PRIZE Foundation GLXP group.

University of Washington - Senior Space Design (X PRIZE) - GLXP Forum - An Aeronautics and Astronautics Spacecraft and Space Systems Design I/II course based on the GLXP will be making its presentation soon.

FREDNET at Google Lunar X PRIZE Summit, Strassbourg 2008 - Heidi Nielson at the GLXP Teams site