Friday, May 09, 2008

FredNet Makes Maker Faire; LunaTrex Post

Apparently last weekend Google Lunar X PRIZE team FredNet was at the Bay Area Maker Faire in the hangar with some other space and aviation folks. Surveyor Corporation mentions them, and describes the event a bit:

We spent the day yesterday at Maker Faire, probably the largest DIY techno / craft / electronics gathering of its kind (60,000 projected attendees) anywhere. Lots of robots, a giant mousetrap, steam punk, an electric cupcake parade, r/c battleships battling with BB's, 800kV Van de Graff generator, flamethrowers, 20-ft homemade rockets, etc. Felt just like home ...

Main purpose of attending was to support demos given by Team FREDnet for their Google Lunar X-Prize entry - they had a small swarm of SRV-1 Blackfin robots available for test drives, including a couple of prototypes of a quad-motor version we're developing with Inertia Labs.

Also, the GLXP Teams site has a brief post from LunaTrex letting us know to expect team profiles soon.

Update (Saturday, May 10): There's more on FredNet and LunaTrex (as well as other Lunar X PRIZE teams) in today's GLXP post.