Saturday, May 10, 2008

Numerous Google Lunar X PRIZE Updates

Here's more from the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams:

Open source team FredNet has posted a couple of videos on YouTube. One is a promotional video, and the other is an orbital dynamics simulation. Hopefully they'll be posting things like this, or links to things like this, on the GLXP Team Announcements ... a good way to take care of the posting obligations.

Speaking of the GLXP Teams page, a couple other teams have updates there:

As they promised a couple days ago, LunaTrex is setting up team profile information. The first update is on Margaret (Margo) Ratcliff, who has a varied educational and professional Mechanical Engineering background.

Quantum 3 has a post on an article in the Bethesda Business Gazette on the team with Maryland ties. In addition to team members, Pat Bahn of TGV Rockets, which does not plan to enter the competition, is also interviewed in the article.

CNN has a feature Just Imagine that looks at what life might be like in 2020. Part of that feature focuses on the Google Lunar X PRIZE. It includes the following:

- a team-oriented photo feature on the Google Lunar X PRIZE (this part is linked at the X PRIZE Foundation news ticker)
- a video of Robert Richards of Odyssey Moon explaining the competition and featuring the team. You get to see some of the student and MDA work and labs
- a text interview and a bio of Robert Richards (for what's next after the GLXP, he says But if somebody was going to offer an X Prize for Mars, I'd be going for that ...)