Monday, June 02, 2008

Googlokhod - Google Lunar X PRIZE Team from Russia

Media Coverage - Googlokhod - This blog links to a couple of articles in Russian with links for English translations on this unofficial team:

Patriotic team "Guglohod", consists largely of former engineers and some existing aerospace industry. It will have to compete with the 14 foreign teams from Italy, Malaysia, Canada, Romania and the United States, with some of them facing serious sponsors of the Western aerospace industry.

It's pretty tough for me to tell how far along unregistered teams are, or are likely to get. The Googlokhod site does have a number of links to unofficial teams, a few of which I've read about before. Some have probably already moved on to other things; others are currently university classes on the prize. In most cases I'll wait to see some registration news before posting on them. I'm about to make an exception for one of them, though ...