Monday, June 02, 2008

ISDC 2008 - Florida RLV Prize

RLV News covers the ISDC 2008 panel on government and private space interactions. This includes the following from Steve Kohler representing Space Florida:

Clarify Florida prize:
Kohler: $40M ($20M state, $20M private) will go for a Google Lunar X PRIZE like competition for RLVs.
Rules still being developed.

My notes on the brief discussion were similar (although of course the Ansari X PRIZE subject matter was an RLV, and the AXP is cited as a model in the bill):

In the hearings Steve went to the legislators were talking about the GLXP rather than the Ansari X PRIZE, so the GLXP may be a closer model than the Ansari X PRIZE to what they intend.