Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16 GLXP Team Posts

Check their site every day ... there's usually something new there. Today:

Secondary/Tertiary Payloads - LunaTrex - They're thinking about being launched as the title indicates. They also have an idea for a bonus prize.

Launch Vehicle - software integration - Advaeros - Kalman filter software work is happening (if I read it correctly).

Wheel Machining - Astrobotic - A video shows a design in software being turned into reality. Every garage should have one.

Update (evening):

Cringely: The Other Side of the Story - The Pomerantz Report - Will responds to the Cringely post where his team exits the GLXP for several reasons dealing with X PRIZE Foundation management of the prize. Ahhh ... nothing like a bit of controversy to spice things up! I won't take sides - I'll just hope that a bit of frustration inspires the Cringely team to a great GLXP-upstaging, media-sponsored effort in reaching the Moon by, say, 2010.

Baltimore City Public School joins JURBAN Team - Jurban - The team makes some contacts with Baltimore student robotics leaders and their instructors.

Current Rover Testing Platform - Astrobotic - rover test picture

Update (on June 17, in spite of my post's original title): NC State University engineering students show previous work to Team STELLAR - Team STELLAR, of course - this one is a video showing what the title says it does