Sunday, June 15, 2008

Student Innovation Competitions in Different Fields

The University of Southern California Stevens Institute for Innovation lists several student-oriented innovation competitions:

Collegiate Inventors Competition - The Competition promotes exploration in invention, science, engineering, technology, and other creative endeavors and provides a window on the technologies from which society will benefit in the future. ... One Undergraduate and one Graduate winner or team each receive $15,000. One Grand Prize winner or team receives $25,000. Academic advisors of each winning team also receive a cash award.

Medical Engineering Innovation Challenge - The sponsors are announcing a request for innovative ideas from multidisciplinary teams of students that broadly relate to innovative medical research for the wartime soldier or tactical team. Each proposal is to identify a near term medical technology to help today’s modern wartime soldier, surgeon, nurse or other. The prizes total $150,000. The main events were scheduled in May.

Fourth Annual USC Business Plan and Technology Commercialization Plan Competition - There was $50,000 in prizes on the line; winners have already been selected. Will there be a fifth competition?