Friday, June 20, 2008

More GLXP Teams in Formation Stages

I don't know which ones will make it to fully registered status, let alone to the Moon, but it's fun to see new teams in the formation process. Some of them do it publicly with web sites to help gather team members.

In the GLXP Forum, someone with an advertising background (probably just as important to GLXP teams as engineering) is looking for a French team. Here's the one they found:

I also noticed a couple others:

Googlokhod - Google Lunar X PRIZE Team From Russia - I mentioned them before, but hadn't noticed them on the GLXP Forum until now.


Popular Mechanics - South Africa edition - LunaTrex - They had some corrections to the "regular" edition earlier, so it will be interesting to see what they think of this one. Their comments are still TBD.

Former NASA Science Chief Alan Stern joins Odyssey Moon, the first registered competitor in the Google Lunar X PRIZE - Spaceref posts the press release on the Alan Stern news. Of course this begs the question of whether or not some other prominent planetary scientists, especially those known for lunar work, will get involved in some way with the GLXP.