Friday, June 20, 2008

This Looks Like a Useful Resource

The Commercial Space Wiki - It looks like former Centennial Challenges manager Ken Davidian started this project, and several others (including William Pomerantz) are helping put it together. It has *much* more than prize information, but that's what I'll send you to as a starter: prizes folder. In addition to lots of other types of information (which I've barely had a chance to skim over) the prize bookmarks point to lots of technical content that will be of interest to Centennial Challenge teams.

I can barely fathom where this might go, but the site clearly has a lot of potential to be an important resource.

Update (evening): RLV News and Transterrestrial Musings also have posts on this with comments. I'm also changing the name in the link per Ken's comment in the RLV News post.