Sunday, July 20, 2008

Space Prizes Changes

In a few weeks I anticipate the posting levels here will decrease considerably. I'm not sure exactly when, or how much - it could be 100%. We will see. A new family member of the initially very small and noisy but nevertheless cute variety is on the way. I'm sure I'm in for a few surprises - and so are my cats. There will definitely be changes in how I spend my time, including the Space Prizes blog.

When planning to start this adventure I worried I'd have no leisure time at all for the next 20 years. My wife asked me what kinds of things I/we like to do that I would miss. I said something like "Well, I like riding bikes, and space events, and the zoo, and lakes, and science museums, and art/music/culture/food festivals, and astronomy club viewings, and aquariums, and camping, and cool downtown areas, and botanical gardens, and ships, and visiting relatives and friends, and the gym, and snow tubing, and playing board games, and cats, and going on walks and hikes, and fireworks, and reading lots of types of books, and air shows, and butterfly and insect houses, and charity walks, and watching movies, and frisbee, and volleyball, and parades, and history or art museums, and auto shows, and basketball, and parks, and outdoor markets, and eating food with lots of blueberries and strawberries, and disc golf, and canoeing, and trips to Disney or KSC, and computers, and watching balloon launches, and ...".

She rolled her eyes and said that, since those things are incompatible with kids, I might have to get some new interests.

On that note I think I'll ride my bike for a couple hours today, and see how many of those "kid in the back" bikes I see. Unfortunately my wife isn't in bike-riding condition at this point, so I'll go when she takes a nap.