Monday, July 07, 2008

Space Show Week of Prizes

This week the Space Show promises to have a lot of discussions about space prizes. A couple of interviews likely to have prize content should have already happened. I can't comment because I didn't hear them; I'll have to catch up with the archives. You can check the Space Fellowship, HobbySpace, or the Space Show News Letter for the details. Here are the talks:

Sunday: Dr. Bryan Laubscher and Dr. Martin Lades - This one is already archived; hence the link. According to the summary it's mainly about the Space Elevator Conference, but there's a lot in that conference on the SE Games.

Monday: Dr. Pat Hynes - This one is likely to feature the X PRIZE Cup (will it happen in 2008?) and the International Symposium on Personal Spaceflight. There's the possibility of Lunar Lander Challenge or Rocket Racing League questions.

Tuesday: William Simon and Matt Everingham - The main topic is expected to be the Regolith Excavation Challenge. I wouldn't be surprised if the MoonROx challenge is also discussed.

Wednesday: William Watson - This one is on the 2008 NewSpace conference, to be held soon. Prizes are certainly featured in that conference (multiple Google Lunar X PRIZE participants, X PRIZE Foundation, V Prize, former Centennial Challenges management, space VidVision competition ...). Of course a lot of other things will happen at the conference, so it remains to be seen how much prizes are discussed in this interview.

Sunday: Dr. William Gaubatz (and possibly other guests...?) - Dr. Gaubatz is Senior Advisor, X PRIZE Foundation, so you might hear questions on their prizes.

A lot the discussions depend on the callers and their questions, so if you're interested in the prize competitions these experts might discuss, give them a call during the shows!