Friday, August 01, 2008

August 1 2008 Roundup

Interview: Bob Richards and James Antifaev of Odyssey Moon - The Launch Pad - This interview covers the multinational Odyssey Moon GLXP team, Canada's growing space capabilities, and the MDA-ATK sale attempt.

Oshkosh Bloggin' - The Launch Pad - William is there for some GLXP panels, and is also posting a lot of photos from the show, some by the SpaceShipOne replica (check the main Launch Pad page to see the latest).

Briefs: WK2 debut audio; GLXP at Oshkosh; Space shoe spinoff - RLV News covers the Launch Pad activity, as well as an 8th Continent post about one of their space/Earth business plan winners, iShoe.

Rocket Racing demo flight 2 - RLV News

French space tourism contest - RLV News - This covers the winning of the Rocketplane/Nestle suborbital ride contest I mentioned a bit after Space Access '08. The OK article makes it sound like the promotion was a success in terms of driving business. One of the linked posts discusses the legal responsibilities of the spaceflight participant and the ride company using Willy Wonka as an appropriate analogy.