Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Space VidVision Video Contest Winners

2008 Space VidVision Contest winner - RLV News

Lessons from the 2008 Space VidVision Contest - Greg Zsidisin at the Space Review - This has the winners of the cash prizes (the top 3 spots) and a number of honorable mentions. The third place winner advocates private space race with prizes. In the article, Greg gives some ideas on the following:

So what might we do differently for future contests, which we will surely run?

YouTube Video List of the videos

Greg Zsidisin on the Space Show - November 23, 2008 (I haven't caught up to this one yet - I'm still working on the recent Unreasonable Rocket show. With a new youngster to bring up I only get a chance to listen to the shows when I'm doing exercise at home).