Monday, November 24, 2008

Singularity University

Will Electric Professors Dream of Virtual Tenure? - The Chronicle of Higher Education (link from the X PRIZE Foundation) - I'm sure they'll dream of electric sheep.

Given the X PRIZE Foundation link, I thought this would be related to their Education X PRIZE plans, but it turns out that it's on plans for a Singularity University:

Most of the biggest proponents of the argument for the singularity are entrepreneurs and others off campus. In fact, the idea for a Singularity University came from Peter Diamandis, who has started several successful companies along with the X Prize Foundation, which promises large cash awards to designers who break specified barriers. (In its first challenge, the foundation gave $10-million to a team that built a working commercial spacecraft.)

Singularity University would be modeled on another of Mr. Diamandis's creations, the little-known International Space University, a graduate-level training center to which NASA and other space agencies have sent students for decades.

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