Monday, December 01, 2008

Progressive Automotive X PRIZE Roundup

Automotive X Prize News: Nov 9th, 2008 - X PRIZE Cars - Lots and lots of news for this week and a half. News about H2Pg, Revolution Motors, ZAP, Linc Volt (Dreamforce conference photo credit to thomas), Tesla, West Philly, Aptera, Physics Lab of Lake Havasu, Miles EV, EnerMotion, Loremo, Hybrid Technologies, MDI. Also: Fisker, free piston engines, Dean Kamen, AFS Trinity, Chevy Volt, and Fuel Efficiency webinars/design contests.

Automotive X Prize News: Nov 19th, 2008 - X PRIZE Cars - Some interesting news this week. We've got an interview with some West Phily X students, more Neil Young news, new regenerative shocks for Physics Lab of Lake Havasu (pictured), plus updates from Aptera, Tesla, Avion, ZAP, Hybrid Technologies, X Tracer. And, some info on Fisker, the Big Three Bailout, Toyota iQ and liquid crystal lubricants.

There are enough links there to overwhelm most people, but if that's not enough there are more recent posts at X PRIZE Cars blog.

Suspense Builds in the Automotive X Prize 'Green Prix' - Wired (link from X PRIZE Foundation)

Long May You Run: Neil Young’s Eco-Lincoln - New York Times (link from X PRIZE Cars)

Green Patriot Radio, with David Steinman Episode 20 - Ecology Global Network - David Steinman and Cristin Lindsay, senior director of the Progressive Automotive X Prize at the X Prize Foundation, discuss the $10 million competition among automakers to create the ultimate viable super energy efficient vehicle.

Online video vote to decide $10m green technology prize - - link from X PRIZE Foundation - Well, it's not the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, but it's in the same category so I thought I'd add the link here. Now that it's December, I imagine that we'll find out soon who the winner is.