Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Automotive X PRIZE and Consumer Reports; Efficient Car Review

Electric Vehicle Update - R-Squared Energy Blog - This post gives a rundown on some of the Automotive X PRIZE cars you can, or may soon be able to, buy at a dealer soon. A number of other fuel-efficient cars are also featured, along with tips on tax credits and the like.

I've been reading this blog a lot the last few months. I'm not an expert in the areas it covers, but it seems to be a balanced, realistic but still optimistic blog.

Consumer Reports to Partner with X PRIZE Foundation on Automotive Safety Testing and Education - Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE press release:

Consumer Reports will bring a critical perspective on vehicle safety, features, and technology to the competition. David Champion, Senior Director of Consumer Reports Auto Test Division will also join the Prize Administration Board of the competition.

The two organizations are exploring others ways to further accelerate consumer education and advocacy efforts, specifically on such topics as alternative fuels and fuel efficiency. Also, in future testing of plug-in and alternative fuel vehicles, Consumer Reports is planning to report MPGe (miles per gallon energy equivalent) as one of several measures that will help consumers understand and compare vehicle efficiency.