Wednesday, February 18, 2009

N-Prize: New Team, Team Activity

The N-Prize news keeps coming in:

New N-Prize Team - Aerosplice - Space Fellowship:

Aerosplice blends together many innovative and often overlooked technologies such as pulsejet engines, ramjet engines to boost rockets into the upper atmosphere and switching to a full rocket propulsion system at that point, and inflatable Delta Wing Gliders controlled with GPS to guide rockets and their payloads safely back to a specified location on the ground for an extremely inexpensive and surprisingly effective way to access space or at the very least a method of very high speed transportation of people and goods.

They have several videos, including this Matthew Mason Chapman Bio which includes a lot more rocketry than you'll see in most bios.

Meanwhile, Team Prometheus blog is pretty active and filled with pictures. For example:

Team Prometheus Aquires a Launch Site!
SkyCam for Near Space Expedition

Team Prometheus News

The Cambridge University Spaceflight News site is also showing off their astronaut teddy bears:

Teddy bear media page
Teddy bear press release (PDF)