Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prize Store

A few days ago I added the Space Prizes Amazon Store. The main store is in the link above the 2 book graphics on the right. This is an area where I'll feature books and videos with some connection to space prizes. In some cases they feature space prize teams or innovation prize history. In others the item itself is the subject of a prize (like the book from the National Space Society Return to Luna contest on display to the right). Some of them aren't specifically about prizes, but they feature technology related to prominent space prizes.

I used some of this material in my grad school paper on prizes (including a few on business innovation in general). Hmmmm ... I got busy ... I was close but never did get that degree. That's ok, I got what I wanted out of the program, and I suppose it delivered as much for my career and personal life as the degrees I did get (unrelated to space, prizes, or this blog). They all delivered.

Setting up the store let me clear away a few links that became redundant. It also let me feature a few where I'd long since cleaned up the links not because I didn't want them, but because there were too many links on the blog for my taste.

Feel free to browse ...