Saturday, April 25, 2009

More CAFE Aviation Green Prize Details

Here are the latest 2 notices from the CAFE Foundation on the CAFE Aviation Green Prize:

CAFE and NASA Plan Aviation Green Prize
Public Comment Period To Begin Soon
April 22, 2009

The CAFE Foundation is delighted to announce that a draft .pdf copy of the next NASA Centennial Challenge in Aeronautics, the Aviation Green Prize, has received a go-ahead from NASA to seek public comments. In order to allow sufficient time for teams to design and build their vehicles, this flight competition for aircraft capable of 200+ seat-miles per gallon is scheduled for mid July, 2011.
The document is available now [pdf 1.9 MB]. Public comment will be invited here in a short time.

CAFE posts FAA Guidelines for Field of View
Key guide document for Aviation Green Prize posted
April 22, 2009

To qualify for the Aviation Green Prize, all teams must fulfill the guidelines for Field of View for pilot and co-pilot
as described in FAA.AC25.773-1 [pdf, 410 kb].

Here are some excerpts from the draft rules:

CAFE has arranged for the following total prize purse to be funded by a collection of one or more private or government organizations (“FUNDERS”):

$1,653,000 for the CAFE Aviation Green Prize flight competition in 2011
An "Early Bird" discounted registration fee of $4000 will be accepted
The 2011 CHALLENGE will demonstrate new technologies for small aircraft that are potentially applicable to a wide range of future aviation missions including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Air-Taxi operations, homeland security surveillance, personal transportation, etc. For 2011, a maximum of 12 competitors will be accepted into the CHALLENGE.
Race 1 is for best Passenger-MPGe. Race 2 is for best Speed. Minimums of 100 mph and 200-passenger MPGe must be met in both races.