Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Prize News Via Twitter

NASAPrize - at Electric Aircraft Symposium sponsored by CAFE Foundation

NASAPrize - Preliiminary announcement of Green Aviation Prize just made at Elect Aircraft Symposium event will be in July 2011

NASAPrize - yesterday met with CSA about Regolith Excavation and Spaceward on Power Beaming

glxp - New #GLXP Team Blog Please Open Your Lunar Hymnals to Page 79... ttp:// (on an Odyssey Moon talk)

progautoxp - Progressive Automotive X PRIZE compared to P.T. Barnum circus. (Note: The recent updates on the X PRIZE Foundation news scroller include this article and a couple other ones on the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE).

FIRSTAtlanta09 - - FIRST makes ScientificAmerican blog

FIRSTAtlanta09 - - FIRST in Popular Mechanics online

FIRSTAtlanta09 - Participate in Molecular Frontiers Prize by 5/6;win ipods go to http://www.molecularfrontie...

Philanthropy - Philanthropist to Create New Prize for Energy Innovation -

Thomas Siebel ... said today he plans to establish a $20-million prize to encourage the creation of affordable energy-efficient homes. ... Mr. Siebel said he plans to officially announce the prizes this fall. The awards will be given out in three phases: first, for the development of ways to reduce to zero the energy footprint of homes; second, for the design of houses that use that technology; and third, for the construction of the 10 types of homes that show the most promise. The home that performs the best, he said, will be awarded $10-million. Mr. Siebel said he would support the construction of a 100-home energy-free community based on the winning designs on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana.

mysocialimpact - Finalists announced in the Dell Social Innovation Competition!