Wednesday, April 01, 2009

National Space Society New Moonth

It's April ... I'd intended to post a winning picture from the 2009 National Space Society Space Settlement Art Calendar contest at the beginning of each month, but I haven't remembered to do that, even though I've remembered to flip the calendar on my wall. This month's picture featuring thriving Martian vegetation is appropriate given the recent news of Odyssey Moon's intention to bring a flower to the Moon.

While discussing the National Space Society, I should mention the NSS Gerard K. O'Neill Memorial Award, which this year goes to Peter Kokh. From the main NSS page:

The National Space Society Awards Committee is pleased to announce that longtime space movement activist and editor of the Moon Miners’ Manifesto, Peter Kokh, is the winner of the 2009 Gerard K. O’Neill Award for Space Settlement Advocacy. Peter was the co-founder (in 1986) and is current president of the Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS Chapter) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is also currently president of the Moon Society, an NSS affiliate organization. He is the editor and principal writer for the Moon Miners' Manifesto, which has been published monthly continuously since December, 1986, which is now up to issue 222 in its 23rd year of publication, and which is the longest running printed pro-space publication of its type. Peter has also previously served on the NSS Board of Directors and was chair of the International Space Development Conference held in Milwaukee in 1998. He is currently a member of the NSS Board of Advisors, and maintains an extensive web site for his chapter.