Thursday, April 02, 2009

Space Prize Roundup - April 2, 2009

Spaceport Could Spur CRE Development in New Mexico - Commercial Property News - Lunar Lander Challenger Armadillo Aerospace is mentioned:

... an assortment of research parks and mixed-use industrial projects are on the drawing board or under way, such as New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Research Park, which will be on a 257-acre site at the junction of I-25 and I-10 in Las Cruces, plus business park development near the airports in both Las Cruces and Truth or Consequences. “Between Virgin Galactic as the anchor tenant and other new entrants, such as UP Aerospace and Armadillo Aerospace, there will be a space-related cluster will spawns commercial uses in the area,” Hummer noted.

NASA's Off-World Racing Begins April 3 with 16th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race - SpaceRef

Mars Society Christens “Colbert Mars Desert Research Station” - Mars Society - Colbert gets a consolation prize:

Assuming that that the ISS node is not named “Colbert,” we believe Mr. Colbert deserves a much better consolation prize than having a space toilet named after him, as has been suggested. The Mars Society will therefore rename our Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) near Hanksville, Utah to the “Colbert Mars Desert Research Station” for one week in April, 2009.

Podcasts of readings of 2008 Nebula short story nominees - Space for All

Briefs: GLXP in Asia; Team Phoenicia update - RLV News - From the post and comments it sounds like we can expect lots more news from Team Phoenicia soon. In fact ... fast on the heels of the Phoenicia post noted by RLV News comes this one:

New Sponsor: Online Metals - Team Phoenicia:

Online Metals has agreed to and delivered the material necessary for the construction of the structure our rocket, The Wind at Dawn. Even more graciously, they are in the process of delivering the material for a second rocket and enough for a third will follow as Team Phoenicia is ready. ... The Wind at Dawn's first structure will be complete within a week. Without Online Metals' help, this would not have happened nearly as quickly or as well. We thank them deeply for their aid.