Friday, April 03, 2009

Space Access '09 Prize Posts

Unlike the last 2 years I'm not at Space Access this year, so I won't be summarizing the prize talks. I'll link to the summaries I see, though. I plan to update this post as the conference proceeds.

Notes: Space Access'09: Thursday - Evening session - Part 2 - RLV News - This one covers

Unreasonable Rocket - Lunar Lander Challenge competitor:

- Will pursue both 90sec and 180sec NG-LLC levels this year.
- Looking past NG-LLC to more rocket building.
- New amateur rules greatly ease testing
- Plan to go to go to 100km with a few kg payload.
- Believe there is a market for such a vehicle and this sort of launch service.
- Also, want to sell various components and engineering services.


Microlaunchers - N-Prize competitor:

- Work up from ground tests, to low altitude, to 100km, and then to orbit.
- Hardware component costs alone are in $1000 range.

Space Access 2009 - Paul Breed - Unreasonable Rocket - Why Homeschool:

Paul blogs about their experience at his blog Unreasonable Rockets. They had a rocket just outside the conference room here in Phoenix.

Space Access 2009 - Charles Pooley - N-Prize - Why Homeschool

Notes: Space Access'09: Friday - Morning - Part 2 - RLV News - This one includes Lunar Lander Challenge team High Expectations Rocketry.

Space Access 2009 - Keith Stormo - High Expectations Rocketry - Why Homeschool

Notes: Space Access'09: Friday - Afternoon - Part 2 - RLV News - Lunar Lander teams BonNova and TrueZer0 are featured.

Space Access 2009 - Bob Noteboom - BonNova - Why Homeschool

Space Access 2009 - Scott Zeeb and Todd Squires - TrueZer0 - Why Homeschool

Notes: Space Access'09: Friday - Evening - RLV News - Kiwi 2 Space (N-Prize team) is in this one. There are two sites to check: - the Kiwi 2 Space website (recently started) and the Kiwi 2 Space blog.

Space Access 2009 - Iain Finer, N-Prize Contestant: Team Kiwi 2 Space - Why Homeschool

Armadillo - Transterrestrial Musings -

Lunar Challenge has been beneficial, but has also been a distraction from their goals, and the revenue makes it worthwhile in hindsight. Will be competing for Level Two this year, and they hope to make their attempts from their home field when season begins in July.

Notes: Space Access'09: Saturday Morning - Part 2 - RLV News - This includes Armadillo Aerospace.

Space Access 2009 - John Carmack - Armadillo Aerospace - Why Homeschool

Masten Space Systems - Transterrestrial Musings

Notes: Space Access'09: Saturday afternoon - Part 1 - RLV News. This one includes Masten Space Systems:

- May go for NG-LLC level 1

and Speed Up:

- Laramie Rose NG-LLC vehicle
-- Operating in Armadillo mode was the goal but difficult to keep up to a similar pace without same resources.
-- Behind Unreasonable Rocket so will probably won't compete for Level I.
-- Not in Level II capability.
-- But want to achieve at least short sustained hover

Space Access 2009 - Dave Masten of Masten Space - Why Homeschool

Space Access 2009 - Bob Steinke - SpeedUp - Why Homeschool

Notes: Space Access'09: Saturday afternoon - Part 2 - RLV News - The conference ends with an all-star cast:

Paul Breed and son, Ben Brockert, John Carmack, Dave Masten, Keith Stormo, Bob Steinke, Scott Zeeb, Todd Squires, Bob Noteboom, Allen Newcomb, Lunar Lander Challenge panel

They discussed Lunar Lander Challenge plans:

-- Bonnova - will to compete in Level I and II this year
-- Steinke - not this year
-- TrueZer0 - not this year
-- Zeeb - Ask in a couple of months. Depends on funding.
-- Masten - will depend on status of vehicle.
-- Carmack:
-- Make attempt soon after window opens. Will go after Level II. Not going after Level I, second place.
-- Remember that nobody has Level I wrapped up. Just as with Armadillo in 2006-2007, problems can arise that prevent the favorite from winning.
- Armadillo had done many flights prior to competition yet still didn't win in those years.
- Breed - expect to go after Level I with Blue Ball. Not sure if they can have a Level II vehicle ready.

They also discussed a lot of other important topics, like rocketry details and future business and personal plans for the teams.

Space Access 2009 - Panel on Lunar Lander Challenge - Why Homeschool