Friday, May 22, 2009

Earth and Space

These seem to go together:

Photos From The Summit of Mt. Everest - NASA Watch

Monumental prize for first team to reach summit of Olympus Mons - Marooned - Science Fiction books on Mars

Here's more from the Earth and Space Foundation site:

The Earth and Space Awards - The Foundation funds expeditions that either use Earth's resources and environments to help us understand other worlds and assist in the exploration of space or expeditions that use space technology and data to help us understand and care for the Earth's environment. Typical categories of expedition that are supported include:
Environmental projects using technologies resulting from space exploration. Includes the novel use of satellite communications, GPS, remote sensing, advanced materials and power sources.
Use of data from extraterrestrial expeditions to help further our understanding of the Earth’s environments and the biosphere. ...
Effects of the space environment and space exploration on the Earth. ...

Astro- and exobiology related fieldwork. ...
Field research applying the Earth's environmental and biological resources toward the human exploration and settlement of space. ...
Astronomy at the interface between Earth and space exploration / astroarchaeology. ...
Educational fieldtrips and projects that improve public understanding of the links between environmentalism and space exploration.

Previous Earth and Space Awards

Mars and Lunar Exploration Awards:

Mars Exploration Awards
Southern Polar Award
Northern Polar Award
Olympus Mountaineering Award
Valles Marineris Award

Lunar Exploration Awards
Lunar Circumnavigation Award