Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prize Roundup - May 20-21, 2009

Masten Space test flight video - RLV News

Briefs: WK2 flight; Masten Space tethered flights; COMSTAC mtg - RLV News

Briefs: Masten Space static test; Unreasonable update - RLV News

wikkit (Ben Brockert of Masten Space Systems): - We ran the engine until the trailer ran out of LOX, which meant it shot a bit of fuel out before shutting dow

Bob_Richards: In Toronto forging plans with Odyssey Moon chairman Ramin Khadem, Inmarsat ex-CFO, ISU chairman, all around great human

glxp: RT @SGAC: Space Generation Advisory Council announces “Move An Asteroid 2009” competition

Bunch of X PRIZErs going to Mindshare.LA tonight, where @Pomerantz will be speaking. Details here:

THE LIGHTER SIDE OF SPACEWALKING - Cosmic Log - Update for 10:05 p.m. ET May 19: X Prize founder Peter Diamandis is a middleman for the Twitter/Facebook Q&A with Massimino, and he asked the astronaut whether Atlantis' crew could see the moon. Here's the reply: "Peter - yes we can and it is awesome. You can sort of see it in 3D in space so it really looks like a planet out there, just awesome. Currently see about a half moon, and it[s] size is pretty constant except if you see it setting behind earth, and then the moon illusion has some effect, making it appear slightly larger."

Online Community Project Aims for the Moon -

INNOVATION in ACTION - Xploring Healthcare - X PRIZE Foundation and BT podcast