Saturday, May 23, 2009

NewSpace 2009 Agenda; ISDC Updates

The Speakers page for NewSpace 2009 isn't filled in yet, but the Agenda gives a hint of what's available, including prizes:

Friday, July 17th: Space Elevator Day
1430-1530 Spaceward and the Elevator Games

Sunday, July 19th: The Business of New Space
0900-1130 Business Plan Competition

Monday, July 20th: Moon, Mars, and Beyond; Where do we go from here?
0930-1030 GLXP Discussion

There are a lot of other topics related to commercial space and Ames-flavored NASA space.

This is in no way meant to distract from the imminent ISDC 2009 conference, which continues to add good speakers and content. Here are some changes I noticed compared to my most recent post on a large amount of ISDC 2009 content related to space prizes, contests, and awards:

- The speaker list for the Google Lunar X Prize / NG Lunar Lander talk has changed. Here's the current list: Will Pomerantz, X Prize Foundation, Moderator; Dave Masten, Masten Space Systems; Ruben Nunez, Omega Envoy; Bob Richards, Odyssey Moon; Scott Zeeb, TrueZer0

- I don't remember if this one is a change, but I'll list it because the speaker has participated heavily in prizes: So You Want to Start a Space Company? Tim Pickens, Orion Propulsion

- This one also features prize competitors: Workforce Refresh Panel: Tracy Anania - NASA KSC, Clay Yonce - NASA KSC, Cassie Kloberdanz - SpaceX, Bob Richards - Odyssey Moon/ISU, Brooke Owens - IAF, Loretta Whitesides - Moderator

- Rusty Schweickart - Apollo 9 Astronaut and Chairman, B612 Foundation - Pioneer Award Presentation

- The speaker for this one is changed and becomes plural, but they still have prize connections: Hands-on Education Roundtable - Josh Neubert, Conrad Foundation, Tony Gannon, Space Florida, Micheal Mealling, Masten Space Systems

- John Mankins - President, Space Power Association - NSS and O'Neill Awards Presentations

- Liquid Bi-Propellant Rocket Development For Lunar Lander X-Prize: Baber, Dr. Eric R. Perrell, Johann S. Schrell