Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quick Holiday Weekend Roundup - May 24, 2009

January 2009 Paroramio Photo Contest winners - The image I picked for its other-worldly feel (my impression) is one of the honorable mention ones. Somehow it reminds me of the mobile islands in Hyperion (SF novel).

Here are some additions to the Twitter List:

4frontiers - 4Frontiers Corporation is an emerging space commerce company focused on the settlement of Mars.

the2suit - the (unofficial) real 2suit - as seen on History Channel The Universe - humanity is colonizing the universe in 2s ... Zero-G or Earth ultimate geek gadget FLY!

NewHorizons2015 - The First Space Mission to Explore Planet Pluto and the Kuiper Belt

The Planetary Society has a number of guest bloggers scheduled for the next couple months. Here's one that ends with a note on suborbital RLVs (which, as a member, I hope the Planetary Society gets more into, if not for the important reason Dr. Stern describes, then at least for the Planetary Society's traditional science reasons including its new Earth orbservation goals) : "My First Reaction Was to Look Away From It....It Was Too Beautiful" - Alan Stern -

So I'm looking forward to the dawn of suborbital travel opening up this view to so many more of us. And not by the hundreds, but by the thousands and thousands who will see it in the 20-teens for themselves, simply because they choose to. Perhaps among those who fly in such large numbers will be a few who can describe what they see with justice.