Friday, June 05, 2009

Prize Roundup - June 5, 2009

A Commentary on the Future of the American Space Program: I Get Who, What, Where & When but Why? - Ian Murphy (National Space Society blog):

Maybe it’s because I come from the X PRIZE school of thought so eloquently framed by Dr. Peter H. Diamandis when he states “It is the purpose of NASA to push the limits of what can be humans can do in space and it is the duty of the private sector to industrialize in their wake.”

NG-LLC rules and registration posted - RLV News - This includes some critical comments on the rules, including media rights. Some of the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams and potential teams with plans for media income had similar thoughts for that competition's rules - and in that case the X PRIZE Foundation responded with their justification and media plans.

(Later) ... and now that it's later in the day Will Pomerantz has responded on this one, too: Answering Some Questions about Media Rights - The Launch Pad

Masten Space XA-0.1B 60 sec flight video - RLV News

Masten Space Systems Update - NASA Spaceflight forums - Jon Goff answers a couple questions at the (current) end of this thread.

Ready to Innovate - Mike Fabio on the I2I Conference blog

meet the teams - Space Elvator Games

Submission Deadline Extended for SFF and Heinlein Trust $5,000 NewSpace Business Plan Prize - SpaceRef

@segames - Worked out a back-up station-keeping method, in case the GPS based system doesn't work as expected. Independent review team meeting tomorrow

@glxp - RT @i_2_i: The X PRIZErs are arriving in NYC for #i2i. Here's a photo gallery of the preparations: