Monday, June 08, 2009

Prize Roundup - June 8, 2009

The incentive2innovate (i2i) conference is underway.

From the i2i blog:

incentive2innovate Day 1 Photo Slideshow
Some reactions from the crowd: Edmond Bina
Don Tapscott, author of Grown Up Digital
Some Photos from Day 1, early
Greeting from Robert K. Weiss
Welcome to incentive2innovate

Also check here for updates: @i_2_i twitter and @PeterDiamandis twitter.

@Doug_Comstock from NASA Innovative Partnerships Program (home of the Centennial Challenge prizes) is at i2i.

Speed Up static fire test - RLV News

Liability problems stop up hydrogen peroxide supplies - RLV News on an Unreasonable Rocket post

Review: The New Moon Race - The Space Review - Jeff Foust

3D Lander CAD Model - Next Giant Leap at Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams page - In addition to the CAD model which will draw your eyes first, note:

Next Giant Leap will be unveiling a full size mockup of our lander next week during the "Giant Leaps" symposium at MIT.

Giant Leaps - MIT

SYNERGY MOON Robotics Group - SYNERGY MOON at Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams page

Prep Rocket Designers Get Boost from Mentor - The Official Homepage of the United States Army