Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lunar Prize Roundup - July 16, 2009: Astrobotic Seed Fund, BFD Regolith, Masten Picture, Lunar Pads, Futron, Odyssey Partners, Envoy Vidcast

It's all about the Moon today, given the Apollo 11 launch anniversary:

@Doug_Comstock - Innovations for Space Station research are being pursued through nine new Seed Fund public-private partnerships.

FY 09 Seed Fund Awards (PDF) - - Carnegie Mellon University , Lockheed Martin Corporation, and Astrobotic Technology get an award for "Thermal Management For Lunar Surface Systems". - RT: @wikkit: Masten Space Systems fall internship application deadline is in 10 days!
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wikkit: pic Ken Brown of @mastenspace loads LOX on XA0.1B rocket, WK2 touch&go in bg
Masten Space flight 12 in
#Mojave today was test of auto-land software, necessary step to get rid of the tether
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ikluft: Masten Space completed another vertical take-off/landing rocket tethered hover flight test in #mojave today, details coming

July 10, 2009 Beach Test - BFD (Big Freewheeling Digger) - I'm glad they clarified what the acronym stands for, because for a second there I thought ... anyway, I didn't know about the BFD site, so I didn't mention some posts in June:

beach day
Preparing for the 2009 Regolith Excavaction Challenge
2008 competition results

Spaceport America Installs Lunar Lander Launch Pads - Press Release from Spaceport America

Study Predicts $1.5 Billion Market for Commercial Lunar Services over Next Decade - The Launch Pad

Pomerantz - RT @Bob_Richards: Odyssey Moon is proud to welcome a powerhouse of new partners to its commercial lunar venture

OmegaEnvoy - Be sure not to miss tonight's @Spacevidcast with our very own @Jasontweets, 10pmEDT 2amUTC

New words for first Moon step win lunar meteorite - Space for All