Saturday, July 18, 2009

NASA Ames Prize Roundup - July 17-18, 2009: NewSpace, Moonfest, Lunar Science Forum, Propellant Depots, Masten, Isle of Man

NASA Ames to Host Variety of Events During Moon Week - SpaceRef press release

The events include:

NewSpace 2009
Moonfest 2009
July 20: ... a live broadcast of a NASA Headquarters news briefing with astronauts from the Apollo program
July 20: ... join students of the 2009 International Space University (ISU) Space Studies Program for an International Astronaut Panel
NASA 2009 Lunar Science Forum (July 21-23)

NewSpace 2009 is happening now. I'm not there, but I made up for it today with a nice 23 mile bike ride, a good restaurant lunch, a family afternoon at a lake swimming and having fun, a 3 mile nature walk around the lake, and another bike ride (repeating the nature walk on fast forward). That's about 2 weeks of activity for me compressed into 1 day. Not only that, but I have a chance to go to EAA Airventure as part of another trip, although with the schedule I have to work with I'll probably miss VMS EVE.

I've already posted prize-related items on the NewSpace 2009 agenda; here are notes from RLV News from the actual first day:

NewSpace 2009: Saturday - Afternoon Session - Part 2 - This includes:
Orbital Fuel Depots: Fueling the Frontier
Jon Goff - Masten System - Moderator

NewSpace 2009: Saturday - Afternoon Session - Part 1 - This one includes
Space and Isle of Man
Bob Richards

Dave Masten, Masten Space Systems

Here are some prize and award plans for the NASA 2009 Lunar Science Forum:

DAY 1 Tuesday, July 21, 2009
4:20-4:40 Robert (Bob) Richards, Founder & CEO of Odyssey Moon Limited, Odyssey Moon: Preparing for Moon 2.0
4:40-5:00 William Pomerantz, Senior Director, Space Prizes, X PRIZE Foundation, "The Google Lunar X PRIZE"

6:00-7:30PM SHOEMAKER Award, David Morrison Presenting, Don Wilhelms Speaking