Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Prize Roundup - July 7-8, 2009 (Part 2): HSF Question, DIME and WING, SpeedUp and KC Pirate Updates, NewSpace Agenda, UTS Wins, FMARS

From @NASA_HSF: Here's a question on the HSF Committee website that deserves some thoughtful responses:

Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Committee - Current Topic For Public Comment - To what extent should NASA rely on the private sector for human space flight-related products and services? (Closes July 24th)

One commenter starts with: Keep makeing X-Prizes ...

@Pomerantz - Middle School & High School students in the US: Want to do experiments in microgravity? (Please spread the word)

The link from Will Pomerantz is on the NASA Drop Tower Competition for Student Teams at NASA Glenn Research Center. The 2 components are "DIME" and "WING": "Dropping In a Microgravity Environment" and "What If No Gravity".

DIME Program Announcement (PDF)
WING Program Announcement (PDF)
DIME & WING Educators Resource Guide (PDF)
Experiment Design Requirements (PDF)

KC Space Pirates status report - Space Elevator Blog

@jeff_foust - What happened to the space elevator track at NewSpace 2009 next Friday? Was on the agenda yesterday, but not today:

There are more details on the NewSpace 2009 agenda than I saw the last time I checked. Here are a few involving people or events with prize connections - an updated look at something I posted about recently.

Saturday, July 18th
12:30-1:30pm VidVision Contest Lunch
2:15-2:55pm Orbital Fuel Depots: Fueling the Frontier - Jon Goff, Bernard Kutter, Dallas Bienhoff
3:15-4:00pm Suborbital Point-to-Point: Going Places or Taking Us for a Ride? - Paul Damphousse, Kelvin Coleman, A.C. Charania, Chuck Lauer, Randall Clauge

Sunday, July 19th
9:00-11:45am Business plan competition
11:45-12:00pm Isle of Man Presentation - Bob Richards

1:00-2:00pm NewSpace Policy: Accelerating development or picking winners? - Ken Davidian, Jim Muncy, Bruce Pittman, Doug Comstock
4:00-5:00pm NewSpace Case Studies- The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat - Ecliptic Enterprises, MirCorp, Masten Space System

Monday, July 20th
9:25-10:20am The Google Lunar X-Prize: A Look Into the Entrepreneurial Future - Nicole Jordan, Fred Bourgeois, Bob Richards, Kevin Myrick, Randa Milliron, Mike Joyce

Speedup "Hybrid Ignition Test" - RLV News
Briefs: Ribbon fuel contest results; Space prize roundup - RLV News

Tampa Space Program News Examiner - FMARS 2009 Crew Employing Google Lunar X-Prize Rover and Other Advanced Systems