Thursday, July 09, 2009

Prize Roundup - July 9, 2009: FunDay, DOE, Singularity U, Zero-G, Google Earth, Diamandis Scholarship

Blogging strategies for non-profits in Boston - Boston Nonprofit Business Examiner (Jean Levasseur) - Friday Funday at The Launch Pad is used as an example of how to engage your audience and get them coming back regularly for more.

@PeterDiamandis - Tonight Singuarllity U is having an awesome panel on "Humanity's Grandest Challenges" at NASA Ames. 2 Noble Laureate & Larry Brilliant speak

The Students of ISU & SU (@singularityu) have secured a Zero-G flight for this Saturday. 4 seats remaining!! Anyone else want to go?

Great meetings with our friends at DOE about Progressive Auto X PRIZE -- Met with Cathy Zoi, John Lushetsky and John Shore. Great progress!!

Up at 5am (ouch), just landed in DC. Off to meet with friend Billy Tauzin (PhRMA) then on to DOE. Great summer day in nation's capital.

great X PRIZE dinner hosted by legend Bob Metcalfe @ his beautiful backbay home. goal to support XPLab@MIT. THX Bob!

@jeff_foust - Got an invite overnight from Google for "a very special announcement about the newest addition to Google Earth" on July 20 in DC.

Speakers include Buzz Aldrin, Anousheh Ansari, Andrew Chaikin, and "senior" NAItalicSA officials. That, plus the date, suggest it's Moon-related.

The obvious prize connection here is in the speaker list. Here's a Google Moon twitter account and its Bio (on the twitter list):

GoogleMoon - Something truly out of this world is coming, you WILL want to follow us...Promise. Clue - Facebook, Twitter & The Moon

The Google Earth Blog has a post on this: Google Earth Event on July 20th in DC - Expect the Moon

Here's more from the Google Earth Blog:

The picture for this post, which you can take as one loaded with religious symbolism, space symbolism, or simply as a starkly beautiful picture, is one of the winners from this contest (from the above link):

Panoramio April Photo Contest Winners - Check out the winners of the April photo contest from Panoramio. The winners get prizes of photo geotagging tools from the sponsor ATP.

@nickyjor - RT @SGAC: Apply today for the Peter Diamandis Scholarship to win a trip to South Korea for SGC'09

This one isn't about a prize or award, but it's an interesting question from Leroy Chiao:

@AstroDude - Can/Should we shrink Orion to crew of 4, 4m base?