Thursday, July 23, 2009

Space Prize Roundup: July 23, 2009: More Beam Power Tests, Newspace 2009 Video, Diamandis on I2I, Dutch Cansat, Astrobotic Heat, Conrad Sci Advisor

The news continues from the Space Elevator Games preparation and dry run week:

From the University of Alberta Space Elevator Racing Team:

Qualifications: Day 1
Qualifications: Day 2

... and from the Space Elevator Blog:

We're now live
King of the Road

The main event isn't far away ... August 5.

'incentive2innovate' (i2i) Conference Review - Peter Diamandis looks back at the I2I conference.

I ran across this interesting YouTube video: Team 9 QuADes - Dutch CanSat Competition - perspex chassis - When Team Quades was selected to participate in the Dutch CanSat-competition I saw the possibility to give my hobby, experimenting with 3d sofware, a purpose.What started as a fun pastime has grown into a enormous project. It took about 450 hours to build this animation and approx. 900 (!) hours of rendering.

team QuADes - I don't speak Dutch, but rocket hardware and obvious teamwork are spoken in a universal language.

Video from the Google Lunar X PRIZE Panel at NewSpace 2009 - Team Frednet at the Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams site offers video of a panel featuring a number of teams.

The countdown's on for humans to return to moon - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - This features Red Whittaker and David Gump from Astrobotic ...
Oakland firm refines rover designed to land on lunar soil, win $20M - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - ... and so does this: What's special about this prototype, said Astrobotic spokesman David Gump, is that it should be able to withstand the intense heat a lunar day exerts.

This is from an email mailing list notification from the Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards:

The Conrad Foundation today announced Sigma Xi as the official Science Advisor of the Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards. Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, will assist the Conrad Foundation by providing scientific guidance and mentorship to high school teams competing in the annual awards program.